Harrods teams up with Qatari artist for Ramadan artworks

Harrods teams up with Qatari artist for Ramadan artworks



The funky artwork can be found in the food hall and across digital greetings. 

There are many reasons to visit the world-famous department store Harrods, from its designer brands to dining options. Now, it is has collaborated with the Qatari artist, Mbarak Al Thani, on artwork for Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. 

Mbarak’s artwork will be displayed in a prominent position at Harrod’s food hall. It will also feature on digital greeting cards and social media. He has drawn inspiration from traditional Arabic mashrabiya patterns and given it a modern twist. The design contains nods to Kashan patterns on Persian rugs, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Agra Fort, and even Harrods’ own building.

Mbarak Al Thani

Harrods’ Grade II-listed building is famous for its flags, glittering lights and green canopies. The architect Louis D. Blanc was behind the design, and the façade also boasts mashrabiya-style patterns. 

Mbarak’s patterns include geometric shapes – one comes in blue and yellow, and the other comes in green and yellow. Both contain bright pink diamonds, which give it a contemporary feel. Plus, the digital versions see the pieces move in a playful manner. 

Harrods’s food hall recently had a revamp, and welcomed international brands. Dubai’s very own supper club turned restaurant, Kinoya, opened its first international branch in the store. Kinoya Ramen specialises in ramen. One of the special dishes include the Tonkotsu Ramen with a 12-hour broth, and it is only available in-store. Plus, the hall is home to the restaurants Assembly Mezze & Skewers, Sushi by Masa and Tom Kerridge’s Fish & Chips. 

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