Safar Film Festival returns to London with compelling Arab stories

Safar Film Festival returns to London with compelling Arab stories



Experience the best of Arab cinema featuring powerful films and insightful discussions.

Film buffs, this one's for you. The Safar Film Festival — the UK's largest showcase of Arab cinema – is back in London. Taking place until 30 June, this year's lineup promises to be the most compelling one yet.

Since its inception in 2012, the Safar Film Festival has been dedicated to showcasing cinema from the Arab world, and this year's lineup promises to be the most compelling yet. 

This edition's theme, "On Dreams, Hopes and Realities," reflects the daily realities faced across the Arab world. The festival talks about hopes and dreams, and how these coexist with challenging and atrocious situations. From the experiences of those barred from their homeland to fighting patriarchal laws, the films presented this year raise questions and offer insights into what audiences are unaware of.

Some of the films screening at Safar Film Festival this year include The Mother of All Lies, Animalia, The Burdened, Mandoob, Inshallah A Boy, Dirty Difficult Dangerous and many more. Palestine gets a spotlight in this year's edition, bringing films that capture the history, resilience and fight for freedom of the Palestinian people. Films like Life is Beautiful, Bye Bye Tiberias, The Tower, Wedding in Galilee, Fatma 75 and more highlight the plight of Palestinians. 

Apart from movies and documentaries, the Safar Film Festival connects the community with these esteemed filmmakers and curators. This year, you get a chance to speak to Butheina Kazim of Cinema Akil Dubai, Talal Afifi and Saeed Taji Farouky, who will share their insights on storytelling for the Middle East. 

Organised by the Arab British Centre, the Safar Film Festival offers a platform for audiences to dive into Arab cinema, exploring its past, present, and future. Not only does it prove to be an educational experience, taking you deep into the stories of the Middle East, but also enhances representation. With an array of programs and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, the Safar Film Festival is an all-encompassing celebration of cultural diversity and cinematic brilliance.

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