The tallest, fastest, weightless roller coaster in the UK opens at Thorpe Park

The tallest, fastest, weightless roller coaster in the UK opens at Thorpe Park



Hyperia stands tall at 236 feet.

Thorpe Park is a beloved attraction and now, it has unveiled a thrilling new ride that's bound to give you goosebumps. Get ready to welcome Hyperia — the UK's tallest, fastest, weightless roller coaster.

Hyperia at Thorpe Park stands tall at 236 feet, making it the tallest rollercoaster in the UK. This ride invites thrill-seekers to "Find Their Fearless". With over 995 metres of twisted track and speeds of up to 81mph — the longest and fastest in the UK — Hyperia isn't just a rollercoaster, it's practically a leap of faith. And that's not all the stats on this ride. It also has the highest loop in Europe, measuring 168 feet. It also features a weightless moment — the funny feeling in your belly — totalling up to 14.8 seconds.

Hyperia Thorpe Park

The rollercoaster is inspired by the daughter of an ancient River God called Hyperia, who dared to defy her fears. And with the opening of Hyperia at Thorpe Park, you too can face your fears and soar above the skies — buckled up, of course.

Thorpe Park is the UK's most thrilling theme park. It's located between Chertsey and Staines-Upon-Thames in Surrey. Home to over 30 exhilarating rides, the park also features other attractions such as Stealth, Tidal Wave, the UK's first VR dark ride, Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon, and The Walking Dead: The Ride.

Tickets to Thorpe Park start at £29, allowing you to experience over 30 rides and attractions. With the Island Return Guarantee, you get a free return visit, but you must pre-book to guarantee entry. Plus, you can access special events on selected dates.

For £60, you can enjoy an overnight stay at the Thorpe Shark Cabins with a two-day park entry. This package also includes first-hour or last-hour Fastrack on your second day but it won't be applicable on Hyperia. You also get to enjoy a buffet breakfast, free parking, free internet and 10 per cent off in the gift shops across the park.

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