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Royal residence Buckingham Palace opens its gilded gates to visitors 

Don’t just watch The Crown – visit The Summer Opening of the State Rooms.

Did you know that you can visit Buckingham Palace? Each summer, the public can step inside the royal residence. While you can’t have tea with King Charles III, you can admire iconic locations, from the Grand Staircase to Throne Room. The Summer Opening of the State Rooms and special Coronation Display runs from 14 July to 24 September.

In 1703, Buckingham Palace was built as a townhouse. It wasn’t until the 19th century that it was redeveloped by the British architect John Nash, and became the construction we know today. Over the years, the building has acted as the home for the monarch, as well as a symbol for national events. The palace was adorned with flowers when Princess Diana died, and well-wishers lined The Mall at William and Kate’s wedding.  

Buckingham Palace

The Summer Opening of the State Rooms is a grand affair, which takes you behind the gilded gates. The palace is home to 19 State Rooms with treasures from the Royal Collection, which include work from Canaletto, Canova and Van Dyck. 

Buckingham Palace

The new Coronation Display includes outfits worn by King Charles III and Queen Camilla during the Coronation. The exhibition includes the Coronation Glove, Coronation Dress, Gold State Coach and Robe of Estate. 

Buckingham Palace

King Charles III’s robe was previously worn by his great grandfather, King George V, and his grandfather King George VI for their Coronations. Queen Camilla’s Coronation Dress is a dazzling display, which includes silver and gold embroidered floral designs. 

Step into British history. 

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Images: Royal Collection Trust

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