London's upcoming Horizon 22 takes a page from Dubai's playbook

London's upcoming Horizon 22 takes a page from Dubai's playbook



Rivalling views of the Burj Khalifa, this new viewing gallery will open in September.

Much like Dubai, London proudly flaunts its stunning skyline adorned with towering structures. And now, it's set to boast yet another captivating addition – Horizon 22. This new attraction will open to the public at the end of September, marking the opening of Europe's highest free public viewing platform. 

Perched atop the soaring heights of 22 Bishopsgate, Horizon 22 will offer breathtaking vistas and stunning panoramic views of London — rivalling those of the Burj Khalifa. With a remarkable 62 stories that ascend into the heavens, the majestic Horizon 22 will be nestled on the 58th floor. And much like Burj Khalifa, this attraction is all set to become an unmissable destination for locals and visitors alike.

Horizon 22

This viewing gallery, graced by triple-glazed windows, offers unobstructed views from a staggering height of 254 metres. And don't fret about queuing – the high-speed lifts will swiftly transport you to the 58th floor's mezzanine in a mere 41 seconds, moving at an astonishing eight metres-per-second. That's two seconds short of the elevator at Burj Khalifa which goes from the ground up to the Observation Deck on the 124th floor in one minute at ten metres-per-second.

Horizon 22

If you're already itching to ascend to the skies, mark your calendars for 20 September as pre-bookings for Horizon 22 open then. The attraction, however, opens its doors on 27 September. And while walk-ins will be accommodated, it's recommended to reserve your spot in advance due to an anticipated surge in demand.

Horizon 22 is a new jewel in the crown of London's skyline. It's more than just a tower, it's an invitation to see the city from an entirely new perspective. So whether you're planning a leisurely weekend jaunt, a mid-week escape, or even seeking the perfect backdrop for a special moment, Horizon 22 is a must-visit destination. Till then, the Burj Khalifa can keep you company.

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