Hiroo at Ginza: Discover the new Japanese cocktail and sake bar 

Hiroo at Ginza: Discover the new Japanese cocktail and sake bar 



The beverage list includes more than 70 types of sake

If you’re a sucker for sake, then we have some exciting news. The Japanese restaurant Ginza is opening a new cocktail and sake bar. Hiroo will specialise in high-end, rare and fine sake and whiskey. Located in St. James’s, here’s what to expect from the new concept.  

Hiroo draws inspiration from the neighbourhood of Hiroo in Shibuya, Tokyo. The upmarket residential area is located in the southeast and has a bustling community. The team aim to bring the hip vibes to the bar. Located in the popular Ginza restaurant, the space will include a marble-topped bar, a monochrome polished stone floor, and cabinets lined with drinks. Plus, there will be cherry and bonsai trees. 


Master mixologist Tony Vega will oversee Hiroo’s beverage menu. The list will include more than 70 types of sake – even if you’re new or an expert on the spirit, the sake sommelier, Angelo Lorea, will be on hand to guide drinkers. 

The drinks include Italicus with Haku vodka, pea flower, lemongrass, and citrus; Hanami, with Roku gin, yuzu, shochu, jasmine and Italicus bergamot liqueur; and Tokyo Mary with Haku, tomato, ponzu, roots mastic, celery and chilli strings. Plus, there will be non-alcoholic drinks available, which include the Fun F with Salcombe Distilling Co.’s New London Light zero per cent, verbena, lemon and jasmine peach soda.


Hiroo’s food menu includes small Japanese plates covering otsumami, yaki niku, sushi and sashimi. The counters will offer a sushi omakase, teppanyaki and robata experience. Dishes include Okra Tempura, Smoked Shishito Peppers and Teriyaki. Plus, robatayaki seafood, meat and sushi rolls. 

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GO: Visit https://www.ginza-stjames.com for more information.