Avora in London: Join actors in an immersive cocktail experience 

Avora in London: Join actors in an immersive cocktail experience 



The fun experience includes three drinks and drama. 

Cocktail lovers, we have some exciting news. Avora: A New World Immersive Experience is coming to London. Located in Hoxton, drinks will be mixed together with actors, botanists, sets and a whole lot of fun. 

Avora: A New World Immersive Experience for adults includes three zones: Roscorp Laboratories, Welcome to Avora, and The Night Time. Great for the gram, the immersive experience provides plenty of photo opportunities, which get your followers wondering what planet you’re on. 

At the first stop, visitors are given jumpsuits. Dr C Shelly explains the first cocktail, which includes a liquid that changes colour. At the second stop, local inhabitants will help you discover Avora’s nature. At the final stop, you will see the ecosystem come to life. Plus, there is a family experience with two drinks, and the stops include Roscorp Laboratories, The New World and Avora Nights. 

The whole concept has been created by Inventive Productions, the same group behind the prison cocktail experience Alcotraz, the Wild West experience Moonshine Saloon, and Pirates of the Hidden Spirit. The group prides themselves on creating immersive stories, and bringing to life unexpected concepts that challenge the norm. 

Avora: A New World Immersive Experience tickets start from £24.50 for the family experience and £40 for the adult experience. The family experience last ninety minutes, and the adult experience lasts one hour and 45 minutes. 

The venue is open from Tuesday to Thursdays from 6pm to 9.45pm, Friday from 5pm to 10.45pm, Saturday from noon to 11.45pm, and Sunday from 4pm to 7.45pm.

GO: Visit www.avora-experience.co.uk for more information.