Iconic BT Tower is set to become a luxurious hotel

Iconic BT Tower is set to become a luxurious hotel



The skyline's sight has been bought by MCR Hotels.

Londoners, the iconic BT Tower is undergoing a transformative change. This historic landmark has been sold to MCR Hotels for a whopping £275 million and will be converted into a luxurious upmarket hotel.

The BT Tower has been a symbol of London’s skyline since it opened in 1965. It served as a communication hub for the nation. The tower's revolving restaurant, once a popular attraction offering panoramic views of London, fell victim to a bomb attack in 1971. Despite setbacks, the tower remained a resilient symbol of the city, attracting visitors and making appearances in various cultural works.

BT Tower London

The decision to repurpose the BT Tower comes as telecommunications technology has evolved, rendering its original function of transmitting signals less crucial. Once a pivotal hub for telecommunications networks, the tower's role has diminished over the years with the advent of fixed and digital networks. As a result, the removal of its microwave aerials over a decade ago paved the way for reimagining its future.

MCR Hotels, renowned for its hospitality ventures including New York's High Line hotel and the TWA hotel at JFK airport, is leading the transformation of the BT Tower. This transition period allows for careful planning and community engagement to ensure that the conversion aligns with the tower's historical significance and architectural integrity.

Renowned architectural studio Thomas Heatherwick, known for its innovative designs (and bendy buses), has been tasked with spearheading the tower's conversion. Their previous works includes the Olympic cauldron for the 2012 Games.

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