What is a Broissant? The latest pastry craze explained

What is a Broissant? The latest pastry craze explained



The Landmark London has people lining up for a cross between a croissant and a brioche.

In the ever-evolving world of culinary arts, where innovation knows no bounds, an unexpected creation has emerged – the Broissant. This ingenious pastry combines the best elements of two beloved classics: the flakiness of a croissant and the rich sweetness of a brioche. Now before we tell you how you can get your hands on one, let's get into the details of this exquisite pastry. 

The buttery aroma and delicate crispiness of a croissant lay the foundation upon which the Broissant builds its decadent layers. Incorporating brioche adds a touch of richness and sweetness to the Broissant. Renowned for its soft, tender crumb and slightly sweet flavour, this combination results in a marriage of buttery flakiness and sweet notes, giving birth to the Broissant.

Created by pastry maestros Mauro and Daniel, winners of Bake Off: The Professionals 2023, the Broissant has Londoners lining up for breakfast and beyond. And ever since the duo's triumph, The Landmark London has been on a mission to bring their award-winning pastries to the forefront. The hotel has opened a Cake Shop pop-up in its foyer, with the Broissant stealing the spotlight.

The Broissant comes in four luscious flavours. The Eggnog Mascarpone Cream offers a festive twist with the richness of eggnog-infused mascarpone cream, the Salted Pistachio and Praline Custard boasts a perfect balance of sweet and salty, the Raspberry Gel and Madagascan Vanilla Custard is a fruity delight that marries the tartness of raspberry gel with the sweetness of Madagascan vanilla. Plus, there's the Valrhona Chocolate Cremaux with Caramel Sauce.

The Broissant craze is not set to last forever. You only have until 23 December to try out this pastry. So hurry up and grab yourself one now.

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