Edible insect restaurant Yum Bug is the talk of the town

Edible insect restaurant Yum Bug is the talk of the town



Get ready to indulge in some chef-created crunchy small plates.

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? Say hello to London's brand-new insect-only restaurant, Yum Bug that's set to revolutionise your dining experience. 

From 26 October to 11 November, you can taste the future of food — as Yum Bug claims. The restaurant combines sustainability and nutrition without compromising on taste. According to the restaurant, insects emit far less carbon dioxide, requiring less land and water than traditional livestock. Moreover, they thrive on organic waste, which means they can be part of an environmentally friendly food system. So what's not to like about a dining choice that's easy on the planet?

But that's not all. Insects are nutritional powerhouses. They contain a ridiculous amount of protein, rivalling traditional meat sources. They're also high in Omega-3s, Omega-6s, B12, calcium, iron and potassium.

Don't take our word — or rather, Yum Bug's word for it. No problem. But maybe the fact that some of the top chefs of the world are coming together to curate the menu will convince you that this place is about to change the way you think about dining out. Chad Crooks, Sam Clark, Finn Tonry Brown, Sophie Godwin and Adam Bush, and many others are in charge of designing the menu.

At Yum Bug, you'll find an array of bug-based small plates. From Sesame Crusted Polpette with cucumber, kohlrabi, and chilli salad to a Brownie Pie with caramelised pears, the menu claims to amaze and delight. Other offerings include Spiced Mince Hummus, Seasonal Crudites, Calabrian chilli and tomato pappardelle, and Cheddar Gnocchi with Pangrattato.

So mark your calendars for the grub of the future is here. Don't miss a chance to be a part of this exciting culinary movement Yum Bug opens its doors in Shoreditch this October.

GO: Visit www.yumbug.com for more information.