Taste Film takes you on a cinematic culinary adventure

Taste Film takes you on a cinematic culinary adventure



Food and film combine at this event.

Cinephiles and food enthusiasts, have you ever wanted to enjoy fine dining in the company of your favourite movie? Well, your wish just came true with Taste Film. Get ready to embark on a tantalising journey where your taste buds and your cinematic cravings collide.

At Taste Film, movies are more than just a visual experience. This concept has gone beyond the silver screen to bring you an unparalleled fusion of film and food. Picture this: you're not just watching the scenes unfold; you're right there with the characters, sharing in their emotions and their meals. It's a multi-sensory extravaganza that takes your movie night to a whole new level.

And Taste Film has teamed up with top-notch chefs and restaurants such as Parlour, Kensal Green and The Refinery, Citypoint, to create bespoke menus that transport you into the heart of the story. These eateries offer funky salads, tempting Kyivs, meat dishes and sea bass which means you can expect a meal that guarantees to take you on a flavour extravaganza.

From the whimsical delights of Ratatouille to the high-fashion allure of The Devil Wears Prada, every dish is a work of art that complements the movie perfectly. Other classics that will be screened as part of Taste Film include Matilda, Dirty Dancing, Shrek, White Chicks, Home Alone and many more. So if you want to indulge in that scrumptious and heavenly chocolate cake from Matilda or the confit byaldi that Ratatouille served to food critic Anton Ego in the Pixar movie, this is the place to be.

See you at the movies – and the dinner table.

GO: Visit www.tastefilm.co.uk for more information.