Secret London restaurant Kebab Queen is back

Secret London restaurant Kebab Queen is back



The chef elevates the humble kebab with Mediterranean finesse.

Do you want to know a secret? Well, if you love to be in the know, check out the hidden restaurant, Kebab Queen. Located beneath Maison Bab in Covent Garden, the hidden countertop restaurant is a cool concept.

Kebab Queen has been created by Manu Canales, Ed Brunet and Stephen Tozer. The three friends have been inspired by their collective experiences, from MICHELIN Starred kitchens to Middle Eastern restaurants. 

As the name suggests, Kebab Queen aims to elevate the humble kebab. The group have been eating kebabs, from their university days to trips abroad. Over the last eight years, they have been creating innovative kebabs.

Kebab Queen

Head Chef Pamir Zeydan has created a menu which celebrates Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes reflect his own Turkish roots. The menu ranges from Dover Sole Kebab served on an ironed hispi cabbage taco, to Spit roast Cag Kebab with aged Dalesbred mutton and puffed pita. 

Pamir explains: "When it comes to menu inspiration, I've been developing each dish through sensation. Rather than being inspired solely by my background in cooking or my heritage, this menu has been born of my love for mindful eating. This practice asks us to understand how different flavours and foods make us feel, and I'm excited to have this communication with our guests.

Kebab Queen

"My menus will always be Mediterranean by nature. Olive oil, citrus, all of the key components – what else can be said except it's an exceptional way to eat. There's expression of myself in this menu. I hope Kebab Queen diners are excited to join me on this journey."

Kebab Queen is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 7.30pm to 11pm. The menu consists of eight courses and costs £85 with an optional wine flight available for £55.

Go, before word gets out. 

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Images: Kebab Queen