FACT Review: French finesse at La Dame de Pic London

FACT Review: French finesse at La Dame de Pic London



Does Anne-Sophie Pic's two-MICHELIN-starred restaurant deliver more than just perfect plating?

Located within the Beaux-Arts style grandeur of the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, the London outpost of La Dame de Pic exudes a captivating charm and plenty of French finesse.

Anne-Sophie Pic, the world's most decorated MICHELIN-lauded female chef (currently holding ten MICHELIN stars across her restaurants), brought her unique French fine-dining concept to the UK capital in 2017, serving a seasonal menu of modern plates anchored by classic French culinary techniques.

Accessed via the hotel lobby with its grand foyer and even grander piano, La Dame de Pic London welcomes diners into a subdued dining room designed by Bruno Moinard. Expect high ceilings, abundant dark wood, plenty of natural light, mirrors, and a collection of modern artworks. The ambience harmonises modern elegance with subtle nods to tradition, creating an inviting atmosphere that mirrors the ethos of its creator while remaining intimate.

La Dame de Pic London

With a nod to France's rich culinary heritage and London's global influences, the menu at La Dame de Pic London celebrates the best of both worlds. Anne-Sophie's signature dishes, marked by their intricate interplay of tastes and textures, showcase her commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and crafting dishes that evoke emotion. 

Unfortunately, the acclaimed chef is not present on the day we dine. Still, our meal is left in the more than capable hands of Head Chef Evens Lopez (Pavillon Ledoyen, The Clove Club) and charismatic General Manager Jessa Jastrzemski (The Fat Duck). Seated in the stunning dining room, guests have the option of a Lunch Tasting Menu (£100 per person), Aperçu Tasting Menu (£145 per person), Découverte Tasting Menu (£165 per person) or the Voyage Tasting Menu (£195 per person), with pairings offered at an additional fee. The curated wine list highlights selections from the Rhône Valley.

La Dame de Pic London
Heirloom Tomatoes

While the menus change based on the seasonality of ingredients, our six-course Découverte Tasting Menu is nothing short of impressive. We begin with Heirloom Tomatoes served with sobacha and sourdough opaline. Bold, fresh and fruity, the tomatoes are veiled in smoked vanilla, fig leaves and Talisker Whisky, using sweetness to cut through the acidity of the tomatoes.

Cornish Line Caught Seabream offers a wonderful take on ceviche. The lightly salted fish is infused with cherry ponzu, cherry leaves and cherry blossoms instead of the expected citrus. Harmonising with fresh ginger and shiso oil, the plate is rich and autumnal without overpowering the delicate slithers of fish. The result: a triumphant fusion of French expertise, British elements, and nuanced Asian influences.

La Dame de Pic London

Chef Anne-Sophie's signature Berlingots is a pasta dish fashioned to resemble the popular French confectionary Berlingots. It's a robust, earthy, and moreish morsel and a worthwhile signature, filled with St. Cera wild mushrooms, sweet vernal grass, and bergamot. If you're looking for a must-order dish – this is it.

La Dame de Pic London
Limousin Veal Sweetbread

Our main course is the divisive Limousin Veal Sweetbread, which perfumes the gland with chamomile and osmanthus before serving it with slow-cooked carrot, apricot and caraway. It's a rich and decadent choice that offers a subtle interplay between textures and taste, showcasing Chef Anne-Sophie's penchant for intricate flavour fusions and experimentation with underappreciated ingredients.

La Dame de Pic London offers an interesting take on a cheese course with its South Lanarkshire Tinto Cheese. Housed within a white chocolate 'pebble' amidst fragrant elderflower, it's the perfect precursor to our dessert. The cubist White Millefeuille is an Insta-worthy delight of Tahitian vanilla and jasmine jelly surrounded by puffy Voatsiperifery pepper clouds. It’s a memorable finale to a stunning meal designed to evoke emotions and memories.

La Dame de Pic London
White Millefeuille

As an offshoot of her renowned Maison Pic, La Dame de Pic London brings a touch of Anne-Sophie Pic's innovative flair to the capital's culinary landscape. A meal at La Dame de Pic London will captivate diners with a memorable combination of taste, texture, and culinary artistry.

GO: Visit www.ladamedepiclondon.co.uk for reservations and more information.