Koub brings a sip of Emirati culture to London

Koub brings a sip of Emirati culture to London



A taste sensation has made its way to the capital from the UAE.

London’s Belgravia district has just got a taste of the United Arab Emirates as Koub expands its horizons beyond the desert sands. After conquering Ajman and Dubai with its delectable brews, Koub is sprinkling its Emirati charm in the capital. This strategic positioning in one of London’s most esteemed neighbourhoods proves that Koub is dedicated to showcasing Emirati heritage on a large scale.

Stemming from the Arabic word for cup, Koub guarantees a flavorful journey through its exceptional coffee blends that proudly reflect Emirati culture. It has become synonymous with chic interiors and caffeinated beverages, attracting locals and tourists alike. Currently in its soft opening phase, the London outpost — like its Middle Eastern counterparts — will welcome you with a blend of Emirati heritage.

The cafe boasts cosy, lavish interiors adorned with printed rugs, wooden tables, and chairs featuring comfortable, patterned cushions. The decor showcases the rich aesthetics of the UAE and its charm.

Koub is a heavyweight in the culinary game. From delicious doughnuts to scrumptious sandwiches, cupcakes, and buttery croissants, this café has got it all. And brace yourselves, Londoners, because Koub's signature Spanish Latte and their takeaway cold brew in those cool medicine-like bottles are about to become your new guilty pleasures. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a laid-back sipping session, Koub's got your cravings covered.

Koub is not the only UAE-based brand making waves in London. Other favourites like Kayu Bakehouse and Saddle are joining the ranks, each bringing a unique touch of Middle Eastern flair to the cosmopolitan city. As these brands continue to establish their presence in London, it's evident that the fusion of Emirati and London cultures is creating a culinary melting pot that is both exciting and delicious.

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