Is this London's most revered restaurant reservation?

Is this London's most revered restaurant reservation?



With only six seats, Juno in Notting Hill restaurant beckons an exclusive few to embark on a gourmet quest.

In the streets of Notting Hill, a culinary treasure awaits those fortunate enough to uncover it. Nestled on the first floor of the Mexican-Japanese fusion haven, Los Mochis, Juno emerges as London's most intimate omakase restaurant, boasting a mere six seats for the select few who dare to venture into its culinary sanctuary.

The brainchild of Executive Chef Leonard Tanyag, an alumnus of Nobu, Roka and Zuma, Juno promises an interesting omakase experience. The fusion of Mexican and Japanese influences creates an innovative gastronomic journey, pushing the boundaries of traditional omakase offerings.

Embracing the allure of "I leave it up to you," Juno invites guests to trust the expertise of its culinary artisans. The 15-course extravaganza unfolds organically, with no fixed menu. Influenced by the season's freshest ingredients, this daily creation beckons diners into a world where taste, sight, and ambience come together.

With only six seats adorning the intimate dining stage, Juno transforms dinner into an immersive performance. This also means that getting a reservation might be more difficult than expected. But the restaurant offers two sittings, at 6pm and 8.30pm, with a pre-payment of £180.

As the whispers of Juno circulate, those fortunate enough to partake in this culinary adventure will undoubtedly agree that this hidden gem in Notting Hill might be the most revered restaurant in all of London.

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