Bébé Bob: Bob Bob Ricard opens a rotisserie chicken restaurant

Bébé Bob: Bob Bob Ricard opens a rotisserie chicken restaurant



The original restaurant was famous for its “press for Champagne” button.

How did you celebrate your 15th birthday? Well, Bob Bob Ricard is celebrating by opening a brand-new restaurant, Bébé Bob. The original concept is famous for its “press for Champagne” button, and it’s now creating something completely different.

Bébé Bob will specialise in rotisserie chicken – yes, really. Diners can choose between two main courses, which are chicken-based. The options come from two different regions in France. The dish will be carved tableside and served whole with chicken jus. Plus, it will be accompanied by sides including Truffle French Fries and sauces ranging from Albufeira sauce to truffle jus.

In true Bob Bob-style, Bébé Bob’s menu will also feature caviar and will be served with blinis. The options include Baerii, Oscietra and Shrenkii caviar. Plus, desserts include a Chocolate Fondant with cherries, Melon Lemon Sorbet with Limmonaya vodka, and Paris Brest with hazelnut cream.

Bébé Bob will be designed by Danial Monk. He is also behind the swanky interiors in Bob Bob Ricard. The décor boasts Art Deco touches, and a blue and red colour scheme.

Founder Leonid Shutov explained: “To open Bébé Bob during our 15th year is a very special moment. We look forward to welcoming both new and returning customers to our brand new single-concept dining experience, where delicious food, excellent fine wines and Champagne are the order of the day.”

If you’re wondering about the “press for Champagne”  button, rumour has it that it won’t feature at Bthisn new concept. Check in with FACT for more details.

GO: Visit www.bebebob.com for more information.