A restaurant dedicated to Tajima beef is opening in Mayfair

A restaurant dedicated to Tajima beef is opening in Mayfair



Expect your bill to hit a four-digit number when dining at Aragawa.

Londoners, prepare for an extravagant culinary experience that will leave your taste buds tingling and your wallets much lighter. Aragawa, the Kobe beef specialist hailing from Tokyo is about to go international, and it's making its grand entrance into the capital's vibrant food scene.

Opening doors in Mayfair on 20 October, Aragawa promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey that'll also cost you at least £750 per person. Why, you ask? Aragawa believes in offering an unparalleled dining experience leaving no room for error – or complaint. And while prices for this London outpost are yet to be finalised, expect it to hit the £1,000 per person mark if you want the complete experience with fine wines. 

The Japanese restaurant's claim to fame lies in its dedication to Tajima heifer, an ultra-premium type of Kobe beef renowned for its exceptional quality. To qualify as authentic Tajima beef, Aragawa's meat must meet stringent standards such as marbling, texture, and the age of the cow, which must be at least 28 months old. However, Aragawa takes it a step further by ageing the beef well beyond this requirement, ensuring a truly exceptional taste that's unmatched.

At Aragawa, the culinary magic lies in the grilling process. The Tajima beef is cooked over binchotan that's imported from Japan. Seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper, the beef is served with vegetables only so that you can truly enjoy all the meaty goodness. In Tokyo, this responsibility — or artistry, rather — falls in the capable hands of the steak master, Kazou Imayosh. And in order to deliver an exceptional experience to diners in London, he's moving to the capital for the grand launch.

As Aragawa prepares to make its international debut, it's safe to say that London's food enthusiasts are in for a rare treat. And while it might not be a place for everyday dining, it surely calls for you to splurge on a special occasion. 

GO: Visit https://aragawa-uk.com for more information.