Rapper turned restaurateur Mutah Beale is coming to London

Rapper turned restaurateur Mutah Beale is coming to London



The motivational speaker will take to the stage at The Jumeirah on Sunday, 2 June.

Many will be familiar with the name Mutah Beale. As one of the founding members of the Tupac-led rap group Outlawz, he gave up the rap game in favour of Riyadh, embraced Islam and moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The youth educator, motivational speaker and entrepreneur will travel to London this summer to share his story at a free-to-attend event at The Jumeirah on Sunday, 2 June. Here's everything you need to know about Mutah Beale in London.

Mutah Beale London

Mutah's story is one of remarkable resilience. Having overcome a traumatic childhood that included witnessing the murder of his parents at a young age, Beale's journey is a testament to the human spirit's ability to rise above adversity. He found solace and purpose in music, becoming a successful rapper with Tupac's iconic group, the Outlawz. However, his path took a further transformative turn as he embraced Islam and embarked on a new chapter of self-discovery in the Middle East.

Today, Mutah Beale is a sought-after motivational speaker who inspires audiences worldwide. His powerful talks delve into themes of overcoming adversity, finding purpose, and building a life of resilience. Beale's message resonates deeply, as he draws on his own experiences to offer practical tools and strategies for navigating life's inevitable challenges.

Mutah Beale London
Mutah Beale with Kanye West in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The rapper turned restaurateur is also behind several successful culinary concepts in Saudi Arabia, including the FACT Award winner Smokey Beards Q, which has been frequented by a celebrity clientele that includes Anthony Anderson, Fat Joe, Kanye West, and Mike Tyson. His soon-to-open concepts include a smash burger joint called Okla and a fast-casual restaurant serving hot Nashville chicken called Sonny's.

Attendees at Mutah Beale's London talk can expect to be challenged, motivated, and equipped with actionable steps to unlock their full potential. With limited seating available, securing a spot for this empowering evening is highly recommended.

Tickets to see Mutah Beale in London are available now via Eventbrite.

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