Mohsen Namjoo brings Persian magic to the capital

Mohsen Namjoo brings Persian magic to the capital



The upcoming concert will be held at Indigo at The O2.

London is about to witness a musical extravaganza that transcends borders and genres as Mohsen Namjoo, the maestro of contemporary Persian music, takes centre stage at Indigo at The O2. Taking place on 19 January, this highly anticipated event promises to be a night of cultural fusion, where traditional Persian melodies blend with blues and rock, creating music that is both innovative and soul-stirring.

Born in 1976 in Khorasan, Iran, Mohsen Namjoo is more than just a singer-songwriter, he's a music scholar and a virtuoso of the traditional Persian lute, the Setar. His groundbreaking approach to music and profound lyricism has carved a niche for him in the global music scene. His tracks, including Period, Toranj, and Zolf Bar Baad, are poetic expressions that mirror the complexities of modern-day Iran and the universal human condition. Having released 13 albums and over 20 singles, Namjoo's discography is a testament to his prolific creativity.

What sets Namjoo apart is his ability to seamlessly fuse classical Persian music and scales with the raw energy of electric guitars, rock, and blues vocal techniques, all while maintaining the essence of Persian singing. It's a harmonious blend of the ancient and the contemporary, creating a musical language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

As the countdown to the concert begins, tickets are already in high demand, and are priced from £47. And for those looking to share this musical journey with a friend, there's currently a buy one get one offer available.

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