Shubbak Festival 2023: Inside London’s amazing Arabic arts festival 

Shubbak Festival 2023: Inside London’s amazing Arabic arts festival 



Celebrate Arabic dance, film, literature, music and theatre.

Shubbak Festival 2023 is coming to London, and is a celebration of Arabic creativity. Taking place across the capital from 23 June to 9 July, the event covers art, dance, film, literature, music and theatre. Whether you’re looking to listen to talks or take part in a workshop, there are a wide range of entertaining as well as insightful events.

Shubbak Festival is a biennial festival that showcases modern Arab culture, and prides itself on showcasing new, unexpected voices. Shubbak means window in Arabic, and provides a window into Arabic culture. The festival celebrates the diversity of Arab artists and brings together local as well as international talent. 

Shubbak Festival 2023 includes talks on Arabic Calligraphy, Art and Disability Under Siege, and Safar Film Festival. Losing It is a dance show by Samaa Wakin and Samar Haddad King, which explores growing up in Palestine and generational trauma. The Power (of) The Fragile is a dance show by Mohamed Toukabri, and includes a performance with his mother. 

Shubbak Festival 2023 is filled with family-friendly fun. Take-Over Weekend at River Stage Festival brings together a range of events including concerts, installations and workshops. The line-up includes the hip-hop group Rain Crew, all-female dancers Hawiyya, and Sudanese musician Amira Kheir. Plus, it is free to attend at The National Theatre.

Family-friendly highlights also include Taroo, a parkour meets circus comedy, which is free to watch at the National Theatre. Rest, Play, Feast: An Urban Retreat for Families includes art, food and music workshops, and is a free event at Metroland Studio.

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