Prepare to scream your lungs out as FrightFest returns to London

Prepare to scream your lungs out as FrightFest returns to London



Here's the complete horror lineup.

Horror fans, get ready because the most spine-tingling event of the year is returning to London. Taking place at London's Cineworld Leicester Square, FrightFest is coming back for its 24th edition and it's going to be a wild ride. From Thursday, 24 August 24 to Monday, 28 August, prepare to be afraid because this year's lineup is a bone-chilling mix of supernatural horror, psychological mind-benders and gore-soaked tales that will have you hiding behind your popcorn. Here's the heart-pounding lineup that will have you on the edge of your seat.

24 August
Suitable Flesh

The festival kicks off with the premiere of Suitable Flesh. Dive into the twisted mind of psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby, played by the incredible Heather Graham, as she navigates a chilling murder investigation. With supernatural horror and erotic madness thrown into the mix, this film is a love letter to the legendary Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator.

The Dive

The Dive, directed by the talented Maximilian Erlenwein, takes you on a wild ride as two sisters, May and Drew, face the ultimate test of survival. Trapped on the seabed after a diving mishap with low oxygen levels and a desperate battle to stay alive, this nail-biting suspense thriller will leave you gasping for air too.


Cheat by Nick Psinakis and Kevin Ignatius promises to take you on a chilling ride through the small college town of Silvercreek - where infidelity comes with a deadly price tag. Maeve and Charlie find themselves trapped in a haunting web of sins and spine-chilling consequences as a curse is out for their blood. Yep, there's going to be supernatural action in this one.

25 August
It Lives Inside

It Lives Inside marks an impressive directorial debut from Bishal Dutta that tackles identity crises head-on. The film sees Samidha, an Indian-American teen, as she battles ancient demons unleashed by her friend. This flick is all about culture clashes, personal growth, and, of course, bone-chilling scares that will leave you breathless.

Creeping Death

This atmospheric horror flick directed by Matt Sampere dives deep into ancient Celtic lore and Halloween shenanigans. The movie follows Tim, who's in for a wild ride as he unwittingly messes with the supernatural Aos Si and gets tangled up in terrifying traditions. This one's gonna give you serious Halloween chills.

Where the Devil Roams

Toby and Zelda Adams, the dynamic filmmaker family behind hits like The Deeper You Dig and Hellbender, bring their latest spooky creation to FrightFest. Embark on a twisted journey through Depression-era America and prepare for chills as you join a family of deadly sideshow performers on their blood-soaked quest for eternal life. It's going to be a dark and eerie ride that you won't forget.

New Life

New Life, directed by the talented John Rosman, brings an adrenaline-pumping ride. Follow Elsa as she races against time to capture a mysterious fugitive. But here's the twist: she's battling a deadly disease herself. This film serves up a thrilling cocktail of action, emotion and thought-provoking themes about the true meaning of life. 

Faceless After Dark

FrightFest is bringing back director Raymond Wood with the world premiere of Faceless After Dark. Prepare for a chilling thrill ride as Bowie, a rising star of a killer clown flick, finds herself in the crosshairs of a deranged fan who's taken their obsession to a whole new level. This flick is not just your run-of-the-mill slasher; it's a wicked expose of the twisted power of internet anonymity.

That's a Wrap

The king of cult horror, Marcel Walz is coming to FrightFest with the international premiere of That's a Wrap. This movie celebration turns into a real-life nightmare when the cast vanishes, revealing the sinister secrets lurking beneath the glitz and glamour. This chilling slasher flick is packed with stylish scares that will leave you breathless.


Monolith is a mind-bending sci-fi mystery that'll leave you breathless is coming to FrightFest. Follow a journalist on a captivating journey as she unravels the secrets behind a mysterious object that brings ruin. Prepare for a thrilling and claustrophobic ride that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Science fiction lovers, you're going to love this one.


Samuel Bodin, the mastermind behind the spine-tingling Netflix series Marianne, is back with the US box-office hit Cobweb. Dive into the twisted world of eight-year-old Peter as he unravels a dark secret hidden by his own parents. This psychologically charged thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Directed by the talented Quarxx, Pandemonium promises to take you on an otherworldly journey with Nathan as he faces the repercussions of his past. Brace yourself for a visually stunning and spine-chilling adventure through hell, where tormented souls and unimaginable darkness await. With this movie, you'll dive into the depths of human depravity like never before.


Herd, directed by the talented Steven Pierce, is a chilling and suspenseful flick that will have you on the edge of your seat. Join Jamie and Alex as they fight for survival in a town overrun by virus-infected freaks. Heart-pounding betrayals, intense thrills and a nail-biting exploration of trust and sacrifice are all a part of this pulse-pounding survival horror experience.


Get ready for an explosive cinematic experience with Farang. Directed by the incredible Xavier Gens, the mastermind behind spine-chilling gems like Frontiere and Cold Skin, this film takes us on a heart-pounding journey with Sam, an extraordinary prison inmate forced into a daring escape. A thrilling mix of crime, political intrigue, and high-octane vengeance, this is one adrenaline-fueled ride you won't want to miss.


Flip your way through terror at the world premiere of Transmission. Directed by Michael J Hurst, this film takes the horror genre to a whole new level with its unique channel-surfing concept. With mind-bending twists, epic cameo appearances, sci-fi elements, and jaw-dropping special effects, Transmission is the wild ride you never saw coming.

27 August

Elizabeth Hurley stars in the spine-tingling film Piper. Directed by Anthony Waller, the movie dives deep into the eerie realm of the Pied Piper myth. Join Liz Haines, a history teacher with a dark secret, as she confronts a vengeful spirit and its twisted sense of justice. This blend of folklore and psychological terror will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Seeding

Ride into the heart of terror with The Seeding. This film is here to give you a nightmare-fueled journey into the deepest, darkest fears lurking within you. Directed by the talented Barnaby Clay, The Seeding follows a hiker and a mysterious woman trapped in a desert canyon, facing off against a pack of feral boys living by their savage rules. This survival thriller tackles isolation and toxic masculinity head-on.

Cold Meat

Directed by Sebastien Drouin, Cold Meat takes you deep into the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Join David Petersen as he fights for his life against not only the freezing cold but also a mysterious creature lurking in the shadows. Prepare for a suspenseful and bone-chilling tale of survival against nature's unforgiving forces.

Raging Grace

From the twisted mind of Paris Zarcilla, Raging Grace comes as a bone-chilling tale of an undocumented immigrant named Joy. As she cares for a terminally ill man, secrets unravel and nightmares ensue. This journey combines socio-political commentary with spine-tingling scares.

28 August
My Mother's Eyes

Directed by Takeshi Kushida, My Mother's Eyes will take you on a wild ride through a world where reality and illusion collide. Get ready for futuristic contact lenses, VR goggles, and a mother-daughter duo discovering love and truth in the most unexpected ways. This film is a deep dive into the human experience that you won't want to miss.

Founder's Day

Dive into the heart-pounding world of found-footage scares with Founders Day. This film, directed by Erik Bloomquist, will transport you to a tricentennial celebration gone wrong. Picture a New England town filled with political drama and a chilling cult lurking in the shadows, turning the festivities into a blood-soaked nightmare. Founder's Day pays tribute to classic slashers while serving up a fresh and thrilling experience.

The Exorcist

FrightFest will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Exorcist with a mind-blowing exclusive screening of The Version You Never Saw. The legendary Mark Kermode, the go-to guy when it comes to all things Exorcist will be your guide through this spine-tingling event, delving into the dark depths of William Friedkin's iconic demonic possession masterpiece.

Home Sweet Home Where Evil Lives

Directed by Thomas Sieben, Home Sweet Home Where Evil Lives will take you on a nail-biting journey with Maria as she transforms her fiance's family estate into a cosy bed and breakfast. But hold onto your seats because strange happenings and a terrifying family secret are about to unleash a malevolent force like never before. 

So mark your calendars because passes for FrightFest are going on sale now. Join the scream team and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

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