Catch the From Palestinian with Art exhibition in Euston

Catch the From Palestinian with Art exhibition in Euston



The exhibition takes place at the P21 Gallery in London.

If you’re looking to learn more about Palestine, check out an amazing art exhibition. From Palestine with Art showcases the culture, heritage and struggles of Palestinian people through art. Running from 2 February to 2 March, it takes place at P21 Gallery in London.

From Palestine with Art features a range of Palestinian artists and aims to shed light on their experiences. The show was previously held at 59th Venice Biennale Arte 2022, and is now coming to P21 Gallery.

Visitors will have the chance to explore a wide range of art forms, including installations, embroidery, paintings, multimedia and sculptures. By using art, the exhibition hopes to encourage dialogue and create awareness and an understanding of the country.

From Palestine With Art

From Palestine with Art has been curated by Faisal Saleh, the Founder and Executive Director at Palestine Museum US. The artists all offer their own take on Palestine. Nameer Qassim is inspired by folklore, and her work Enough shows two hands in a stop sign, which are united to stop injustice. Ibrahim Alazza’s All That Remains shows traditional Palestinian scarves suspended by barbed wire and reveals how people leave their belongings behind in conflict.

The participating artists also include Nabil Anani, Karim Abu Shakra, Salman Abu Sitta, Ghassan Abu Laban, Mohammed Alhaj, Hanan Awad, Samira Badran, Jacqueline Bejani, Sana Farah Bishara, Susan Bushnaq, Lux Eterna, Nadia Irshaid Gilbert, Samia Halaby, Rula Halawani, Samar Hussaini, Mohamed Khalil, Rania Matar, Sobhiya Hasan Qais, and Taqi Sabateen.

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