Catch Kuwaiti artist Alia Farid’s Elsewhere exhibition

Catch Kuwaiti artist Alia Farid’s Elsewhere exhibition



Chisenhale Gallery in East London shares Palestinian stories from Puerto Rico.

If you are after a dose of culture, check out the first solo exhibition from Kuwaiti artist Alia Farid in the United Kingdom. Running until 4 February 2024, Elsewhere is located in the Chisenhale Gallery in East London. At the heart of the show are 16 handwoven embroidered rugs, which tell a story of Arabic and South Asian migration in Latin America.

Alia Farid lives and works in Kuwait and Puerto Rico. She studied Fine Art at La Escuela De Artes de Puerto Rico, and Visual Arts at MIT. She has exhibited her work across the world, from Amsterdam to Switzerland, and is now coming to the gallery in Bow.

Alia Farid has a keen interest in marginalised communities, and Elsewhere showcases that passion. The exhibition brings together film, sculptures and textiles, and shares stories from local communities and practices.

The rugs span the length of the gallery, and have been woven in Sumarra, Iraq. Not only are the rugs decorative, but they are also informative. The exhibition looks at themes surrounding migration and identity, and how communities keep their culture alive.

The designs have been inspired by old photographs and interviews with local people. The images include buildings, shop fronts and adverts. There are even rugs that celebrate the Palestinian diaspora in Puerto Rico. So much so, the rugs depict Palestinian-run pharmacies, mosques and restaurants, and even detail Arabic menus from the restaurants. Plus, there is Arabic and Spanish script woven on the pieces, which give it a cross cultural feel.

The gallery is closed from 18 December 2023 to 2 January 2024.

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