A Minority Report stage play is coming to London

A Minority Report stage play is coming to London



No, there's no Tom Cruise in this adaptation.

Theatre enthusiasts and sci-fi fans, this one's for you. Get ready to welcome a stage adaptation of the renowned blockbuster movie, Minority Report. Taking place in London next year, this production is set to take centre stage at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.

The Minority Report was originally a sci-fi book written by Philip K. Dick in the 1950s. It was later brought to life on the big screen by Steven Spielberg. This stage adaptation promises to be a mesmerising ride because the team behind this show previously wowed audiences with Life of Pi. Plus with direction by Max Webster, known for his work on Macbeth, it's clear that this production is set to be something special too.

Set in 2050, the play will introduce a fascinating twist. Tom Cruise's character from the film will be transformed into a female character named Julia Anderton. A neuroscientist and the head of a special police unit, she's tasked with solving crimes before they happen. But when Julia is falsely accused of a crime she hasn't committed yet, the mystery begins — which means you can expect a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue.

Minority Report is scheduled to run at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in London from 19 April until 18 May 2024. With the buzz and excitement it's generating, there are strong indications that this production may eventually make its way to London's West End too. But that's not all – the play will also grace the stages of the Nottingham Playhouse from 16 February to 9 March, and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre from 22 March to 6 April, before making it to Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.

So don't miss the opportunity to witness this classic tale reimagined for the stage and get ready for a journey into the future.

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