London's Ramadan lights have been revealed for 2024

London's Ramadan lights have been revealed for 2024



Mayor of London Sadiq Khan turns on the lights in Piccadilly Circus.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has switched on London's Ramadan lights. Located on Coventry Street, Piccadilly Circus, the lights will be turned on each evening until Eid Al Fitr. Now, in its second edition, the lights wish people a "Happy Ramadan". 

The Ramadan lights in London have been funded by the Aziz Foundation and founded by Aisha Desai and Ramadan Lights UK. British actor Adil Ray and Rahima Aziz, from the Aziz Foundation, also attended the switching-on.  

Sadiq shared on X: ""Ramadan Lights are on! Fantastic to see so many Londoners and visitors welcome the return of this spectacular display to the West End. I was honoured to be invited to be part of the switch on for a second year."

This year, there are 30,000 lights illuminating the sky. The Islamic-inspired design includes geometric shapes with floral designs and diamond shapes, and the colours range from white to purple. At the end of the month, the message will change to "Happy Eid". 

London is famous as a melting pot of cultures, but this extends beyond the capital. While there are 1.28 million Muslims in London, it attracts visitors from the GCC and across the world. The Scottish National Party leader, Humza Yousaf, and Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, are both practising Muslims. Both of the leaders have shared publicly about fasting during the Holy Month.

This year, other European countries have put up Ramadan lights for the first time. Frankfurt put up Ramadan lights and the aim is to send a message of peace and unity. The lights say "Happy Ramadan" and include crescent moons. 

Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam, and normally lasts 29 or 30 days. The Holy Month marks when the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Mohammed PBUH. During the month, Muslims across the world fast from sunrise to sunset. The last ten days of the month coincide with Laylat Al Qadr.

Eid is expected to fall around 9 April, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Ramadan Kareem.

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