Virgin Atlantic amps up flights between London and Dubai

Virgin Atlantic amps up flights between London and Dubai



Customers will have plenty of daily flight options to choose from.

Last year brought fantastic news for citizens of the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries, as it was announced that they would no longer need to navigate the complexities of a visit visa when heading to the UK. A straightforward process, introduced and implemented in 2023, opened up smooth pathways for UAE and GCC citizens to explore the United Kingdom with ease. Now, Virgin Atlantic is cranking up the travel vibes by enhancing its capacity on the ever-popular Dubai to London route to take that collaboration to new heights. 

After a hiatus since March 2019, Virgin Atlantic made waves when it revived its seasonal service connecting London Heathrow Airport and Dubai International Airport. The route is buzzing with activity, with the Boeing 787-9 making four weekly trips, accommodating 258 eager passengers until March 2024.

Now, brace yourself because Virgin Atlantic plans to elevate its service by announcing daily flights from October 2024 to March 2025. Yes, you read it right – daily flights. This means you'll have ample opportunities to hop on a plane, jet off to Dubai, and make your way back to London, or vice versa, all while enjoying the festive holiday season.

Dust off your passports because Virgin Atlantic isn't merely in the business of connecting destinations. 

Prepare for takeoff and let the journey begin.

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