From pitch to prayer, adidas to unveil its thobe

From pitch to prayer, adidas to unveil its thobe



This thobe takeover is bound to be one for the fashion books.

If you know your Italia from your Originals, then here’s some exciting news. The sports brand adidas is levelling up and introducing its own thobe.

For those unfamiliar, a thobe is a long-sleeved, ankle-length traditional robe worn by men in the Middle East. Often in shades of white to reflect the scorching sun, these are also available in other, lighter colours. 

However, adidas is keeping it traditional yet fashionable with white ones. These thobes feature adidas’ iconic three stripes along the sides. The brand’s distinct logo in gold — of course — sits on the front. 

This design was brought to life by French artist Emile Samory Fofana. After working on the concept for years, this collection marks his first collaboration with adidas. Sharing details of the same, he took to Instagram to articulate his thoughts.

“We developed a functional football qamis for you to be as comfortable on the pitch as on a prayer mat,” said Emile, while keeping it real with the customs and traditions of the Middle East. “I couldn’t be happier with the result of this hybridisation — the perfect illustration of finding a man who can do both.”

The campaign, also conceptualised by Emile, shows a group of men donning the thobe. Paired with traditional head accessories the models are also seen playing football, posing in gyms, and standing proudly in front of mosques, perfectly capturing the practicality of the garment.

The first drop of the adidas Thobe — or whatever the brand decided to call it officially — was showcased at an exhibition in Paris. Initial pieces are reserved for Emile’s family and friends. The thobe is currently not available for sale on the adidas website but the designer’s DMs are open if you’re interested.

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